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Physical custody simply refers to the parent


International Law

Also referred to as the Law of Nations and Public International Law is a set of rules, guidelines, and norms that are meant to be Obeyed internationally in various conditions like trade, war, human rights, etc.
There are several aspects to these guidelines, do connect with us for the best guidance and support.

Offence Classification

The offense is classified as Non-Cognizable and Cognizable, Bailable and Non- Bailable, and lowest courts. Further coming to criminal Offences, these are of three types, Summary or simple Offence, Minor Indictable Offence, and Major indictable Offence. We deal with cases with all kinds of offenses. To get proper guidance about the offense of your own case is highly important. Do connect with us for the best guidance and support.


Limits of Ownership

Ownership of a Property has several limitations and these define that Ownership does not give absolute and unlimited rights to the Owner. These limitations include tax payments to the government for your property, different provisions for Movable and Immovable property, etc.
To deal with all property-related legal issues You must have the proper Knowledge Of this aspect.

Physical custody simply refers to the parent with whom the child or the children reside